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    Healthy habits create healthy bodies and minds, 

                   increase physical energy and mental clarity, 

                               and reduce stress and illness. 



Maybe you’ve heard that corporate wellness programs that include massage, yoga, mindfulness training, and nutrition can skyrocket productivity and lower healthcare costs. 

But keep thinking Bigger. Infusing well-being into your workplace culture can do even more than that. By creating ways to curb stress, reactivity, and anxiety and learning methods to increase mindful and compassionate communication, wellness offerings at the office can transform things like employee relations and perception of workload- producing a happier & healthier atmosphere that spills over into every aspect of life.


                         Happiness and Health are contagious. 


On-Site Massage Therapy

Chair Massages and Full Session Therapeutic Massages


Massage therapy can benefit your employees by relieving pain and tension from the body, alleviating the negative effects of stress, refreshing the mind and increasing alertness and competent decision-making, and bringing the entire body-mind to a higher level of functioning. 

Massage supports immunity and well-being, and when introduced into the workplace it gives the employee a sense of being cared-for- which can stimulate compassion and foster healthier office relations.


Our therapists have an extremely high level of training and beyond stress reduction and relaxation, they are able to address and treat certain muscular imbalances and repetitive-stress conditions that are common in the office setting. All therapists are NYS Licensed and insured.

Chair Massages are 15, 20, or 30 minutes in length. Table massages are 30 or 60 minutes in length. 



Yoga & Guided Relaxation Classes


These days, the first steps on the path to return to balance & health are learning methods of Stress Reduction and exercises to help attenuate anxiety. 

Corporate Guided Relaxationsessions, also called Yoga Nidra, are incredibly powerful and help to reset the nervous system so that your employees return to work refreshed & rested and alert & vibrant. Yoga Nidra is a deep, healing method of restoring balance in the body/ mind. Traditionally, while lying on the back in a comfortable position and the eyes closed, the participants are guided through a series of simple visualizations until the nervous system rests in a state somewhere between sleep and wake.

Just one session of this type of rest is said to be equal to an entire night’s sleep for the body on a cellular level. Mood is improved and areas of the brain that control executive functioning are alert with improved functioning. This type of method is very well received for all types because the only requirement is to rest on one’s back and relax.

Corporate Yoga Classes help connect our breath to our bodies in a way most of us lose sight of as we gain responsibilities, become more distracted, and experience more daily stressors. Yoga gives us tools for Relaxation, Strength, Flexibility, and Balance. It teaches us to use our energy more efficiently, to become more sensitive to our body’s health needs, and then to attend to our needs with Compassion. 

Group classes and Individual lessons are offered. Yoga classes include breathing techniques, an all-levels physical asana practice, and a short meditation / relaxation.


Wellness and Life Coaching for Optimization


We are complex beings juggling careers, relationships, family, and our own aspirations and hobbies. Because we are so multifaceted we need solutions to our physical and mental health that are diverse, effective, and simple enough to implement in our daily lives. 

Most of us are dealing with some physical ailments, whether mild and acute or chronic and life-changing. We also cycle through different moods and emotions as we experience our lives unfolding (as we deal with health issues, relationships beginning and ending, change of drive and goals, etc), and we can find ourselves up to bat with new dilemmas and decisions. 

Sometimes we need a little help re-organizing our path, and it helps to be held accountable when creating new habits and patterns for Self-growth. It also helps to have a knowledgable support system there to help you figure out what is best to take on and add to your routine, and what might be better left aside or for sometime in the future.  This applies to all aspects of one’s daily living- including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and functioning. 

Our experienced and compassionate coaches can help you find the best and most effective ways to holistically optimize your energy, happiness, and quality of life.


Mindfulness Training


Mindfulness is bringing our attention back to the present. It’s a practice of regaining control over our attention so we can act out of Intelligent Intention rather than react out of emotion. We can learn methods to watch our thought patterns and determine which are beneficial and which are obstacles for our highest cognitive functioning. 

Mindfulness training has been studied extensively now, and is proven to shift our brains and minds on both a behavioral and physiological level. We become less distracted and can better  direct our Focus, even when multi-tasking. We can use our mental energy more economically and actually get more done, while producing a better quality of work. 


 Being mindful can profoundly influence the ethos and culture of an organization as well as those at the centre of it who take the first step. It can shift the balance from feeling controlled to that of being focused and aware of how we manage our own minds and the impact of our decisions on individuals, organizations and services.” From a 2012 study on Mindfulness practices in the workplace by Cheryl A. Rezek ("A mind to manage", International Journal of Leadership in Public Services, The, Vol. 8 Iss: 1, pp.33 - 38)


Mindfulness training can be given in group or individual sessions tailored to your company's needs.


Nutritional Guidance                                                                             


Diet and eating habits have a tremendous effect on our energy levels, the quality of our sleep, and our mental clarity and stamina, and our mood. Our talented certified nutritionists can show your employees how to create radiant nutritional health, either with private one-on-one consulting or in seminar or webinar formats.




About the Founder-

Jessica Crow has worked in the healing arts and wellness business for over thirteen years. She has a degree in Human Behavioral Neuroscience with its focus in compassion and fear patterns, and is certified and licensed in Therapeutic Massage, Yoga, Reiki, and Meditation training. Jessica also guides clients to accessing the best versions of themselves with Holistic Life Coaching- an integration of her diverse skills and experience. She teaches and coaches independently and also serves as a mentor and anatomy instructor to yoga teacher trainees at the Dharma Yoga Center in NYC.