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  • Radio Interview w/ Where Is My Guru show ~*~

    ~Power-Possibility-Peace-and The Definition of Guru~ 

    Listen to my interview on the February 1st edition of Talk Radio by The Where Is My Guru show...

    I am honored to have been interviewed by Where Is My Guru- an amazing online radio/blog/event source that covers the most important events in the yoga world, as well as delves into some big topics related to Self-Knowledge and spirituality. 

    Over 10,000 people are tuning in each week to listen to the Where is My Guru radio show.-Pretty awesome. This is definitely the age of Enlightenment ~*~

    My interview follows the amazing Kelly Morris of Conquering Lion Yoga, and I share some of my thoughts on the topic of the 'Guru' and what it means to me in everyday life. 

    Listen anytime you like at


  • Hands Are Feet! An Inversion Workshop

    Jan 05, 2013  to  Jan 05, 2013  |  10 am  |  12 pm


    Say it with me: "Hands are feet!" That is our mantra as we imagine ourselves perfectly comfortable in inversions and arm balances!

    This workshop is fierce and fun! We start by warming the body and focusing the mind with a vinyasa sequence designed to bring attention to proper alignment and facilitate awareness in body structures used in inversions and arm balances. We then break down some variations of an amazingly healing posture- headstand, and then explore techniques for building strength a
    nd holding different forearm and handstands.

    Building confidence in these poses requires a proper understanding of anatomy, body mechanics for each specific pose, and keen self-awareness. The freedom to fly in these poses also requires an understanding of how fears are embedded in the body-mind, and how these thoughts can be reworked and changed into courage by staying present and in-tune with the finer aspects of your Self during practice.

    This intensive will help you understand these aspects of the poses, and help you conquer your fears so you can safely and gracefully build these poses into your regular practice and continue to advance in them at your own pace.

    Hurry- Space is Limited!
    $25 pre-pay Paylpal (to before Jan. 1st, or $30 after
  • September By-Donation Yoga Series! Proceeds go towards Miracle Corners of the World, Africa Yoga Project, and the Somaly Mam Foundation

    Over 3 weekends in September I will host Saturday afternoon yoga classes in the park, and proceeds will go to help the above named non-profit foundations- Miracle Corners of the World & Africa Yoga Project- which help to bring healthcare, yoga classes, and career skills to numerous centers across Africa, and The Somaly Mam Foundation- which is helping to eradicate human trafficking and sex trade.